Freeing Yourself From Your Own Emotional Bonds
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Freeing Yourself From Your Own Emotional Bonds

There are a lot of ways we are finding that this necklace is supportive to a personal transformation, one of them is connecting with community who vibrate on a similar frequency to your own.

Another, and one of our favorites is doing a little exercise whenever you hit an emotional bump. You could call it a 2 minute meditation that you can do anywhere. Use your imagination because your thoughts are frequency that connects with the frequency of the universe - Just try this: 

  1. Take your necklace in hand, hold it to your heart and close your eyes.
  2. Imagine the water in the vial connecting with your heart through its electrical and vibrational charge
  3.  Take 3 to 5 deep breaths imagining the breath going in and out of your heart and right through the ΔPENTHē symbol on the pendant and through the alchemy water in the vial.
  4. Remember that everything comes from within, and you have the capacity right now to think better thoughts, forgive, let go, and smile.
  5.  If it is one of those rare times one round does not change your state, that's ok, give yourself some grace and just do it again.
  6. Do it until you connect back with yourself, you know you are safe, and you no longer can feel the emotional feeling in your body. 

There's something special about doing this with the ΔPENTHē Necklace, probably the energy of the meaning and intention put into its creation, especially the intention you charged it with. We told you, intention is powerful, give it a shot, we know you'll understand pretty quickly what we're talking about.