Begin With An Intention Setting Ceremony
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Begin With An Intention Setting Ceremony

When you receive the ΔPENTHē necklace you will hold an initiation ceremony. This ceremony will set an intention for what you want your necklace to mean and embody for you.

We believe the importance of setting an intention is to help be a reminder of how powerful you are and connect you to your symbol. When you are intentional about the things that you do you become more of the creator of your life opposed to the reactor of your life.

We have matched one of the most exquisite sage bundles which includes eucalyptus leaves, a small rose and an amethyst crystal. Your ceremony should be blessed with nothing less than the beauty of the universe.

The ceremony is quite simple and lovely:

  •  You will think of the intention you want to charge your necklace with.
  • Next you will burn the sage, you may feel this sage is too pretty to burn, but it's ok, it's part of the process.
  • Then we will provide an intention ceremony card for you to read the intention setting prayer from.
  • Lastly you will imbue your necklace with the intention.

It's that simple. We'll also include a ceremony card you can follow.

If you desire, every few months you can hold a rejuvenation ceremony charging the water with a new intention.