Our very first donation, we are so excited - before we even officially launched the ΔPENTHē site

Giving is never wrong. We always want to be the example. We are so proud for this to be our first contribution coming from the ΔPENTHē brand - Dr. Joe's work changed our lives and we want to pass it forward.

We happen to be at a Joe Dispenza event in Cartegena, Colombia and Mariah saw in a meditation to donate to the organization that gives scholarships to Dr. Joe's events. Why try to convince people to change when there are already plenty of people lining up for change who just don't have access to it monetarily. Her meditation told her to give $10,000. She thought, that's a lot, what about $1,000, and the voice said, you can do that, or you can give $10,000 and see what happens...next thing I know we are at the booth plunking down our credit card and giving the woman a big hug behind the desk.