No matter what journey you are on or where you came from or where you believe you are going. We're here in the present moment on this planet to experience and learn from the experience. Sooner or later we all come to realize that we carry the past around with us. It's there to serve us, but until we have an awareness around that we don't even recognize how it controls us.

ΔPENTHē is about transforming yourself from the chains of your past to the person you are on your way to becoming.

At ΔPENTHē we provide elegant jewelry and classy apparel to aid you on your path. We believe we all need reminders of the divinity we carry inside ourselves. We are not here to connect you to God or Source or Spirit or the Universe, your connection is already there. Wearing anything ΔPENTHē is just a reminder that the connection you are looking for is already within you and all you need to do is connect.

In case you were wondering...we only create products designed to attract a wealth of compliments, that's just who we are.

Empowered By Intention

The ΔPENTHē Necklace carries and amplifies your intentions, enhancing your endeavors and radiating change. Powered by intention, it helps manifest your aspirations.

Made With Love

From the pendant to the packaging; we've hand crafted each component with love and intention specifically for YOU!

Inspired By The Divine

This piece is not just jewelry; it is a conduit for celestial energy. Every aspect is imbued with a touch of divinity, inserting sacred inspiration into your daily life.

The ΔPENTHē Pendant $369

We designed this piece of jewelry to embody the connection we all have to one another during the transformation you are undergoing. See how this piece of jewelry radiates faith, joy, love, and abundance...

ΔPENTHē means "From Within" - because from within is where everything heals and everything transforms. Everything is possible, everything starts and everything finishes. From within is where emotions comes from and emotions are what drive the universe. From within is a reminder that you already have everything you need. From within is where forgiveness comes from, it's where empowerment comes from, it's where courage comes from, and it's where victories and triumphs really live...and that's what makes ΔPENTHē special.

ΔPENTHē is represented by the confluence of the rising woman inside the phoenix with elements of the peacock. The phoenix embodies your renewal and rebirth from your own ashes. The peacock has the essence of your inner beauty, grace, and lessons about self-love, honor, integrity and the importance of facing life’s challenges charging into the unknown with courage and confidence.

Wearing an ΔPENTHē item means radiating love and compassion out to the world, living a life of bliss and equanimity, being true, authentic, and unapologetically You.

Transform your aspirations into reality through focused thought and action. This process not only brings our goals within reach but also fosters an environment ripe for personal and spiritual development.

We're all in this together even when you may not believe it. We believe it, we believe in you, and we believe in the power of human connection.

Our Happy Customers

Don't just take our word for it!

From the moment I put this necklace around my neck, there was an undeniable sense of energy that enveloped me. It's the kind of warm, reassuring feeling you get when you're in tune with yourself, like a gentle reminder that you're centered and aligned.
And it's not just about how it makes me feel on the inside. t's that go-to piece that not only looks good with every outfit, but it connects me to a community of women who share a love for things that are as meaningful as they are beautiful. It's simply lovely, and I can't imagine a day without it.

Holly Chang - Verified Buyer

I was literally mesmerized by this necklace and that's very rare for me with jewelry. There was just a frequency match that I felt into with my intuition. Then the whole experience was just amazing. It's such a great reminder, like a tatoo that says "courage" or "hope" that helps me anchor into worthiness, joy, and love, and shifts me into that frequency whenever I need it.

Kyera Kacey - Verified Buyer

I want you to know how meaningful these pieces are to us because the timing was perfectly aligned: one is for my 50th bday, the second is for my mom's 70th bday and the 3rd is for my sister in laws 75th bday. These are huge milestones and the vision you have for Apenthe aligns elegantly with the journey I've been on with these 2 important women is my life.

Alina Moosa - Verified Buyer

This is such a exquisite piece of elegance and beauty. I feel a soothing strength and well being from the sacred Waters and sounds that have been carefully infused into the pendant. I absolutely love wearing it! It's beautiful artwork and I'm so glad that it can go out and bless the world.

Yana DiAngelis - Verified Buyer

I got this for me, I loved the concept. When I wear it however, I get so many ladies coming up to me and asking me to
explain what it is. I then get to explain the story behind it and what it represents to me personally. I get a little piece of
fulfillment every time knowing that sharing my journey may have helped someone else on theirs.

Julissa J - Verified Buyer