We Are All On A Path.

Individually and Collectively

We're About The Journey

No matter what journey you are on or where you came from or where you believe you are going. We're here in the present moment on this planet to experience and learn from the experience. Sooner or later we all come to realize that we carry the past around with us. It's there to serve us, but until we have an awareness around that we don't even recognize how it controls us.

ΔPENTHē is about transforming yourself from the chains of your past to the person you are on your way to becoming.

While it can be a harrowing experience with a lot of challenges, it's also a very exciting process many people go through and come out the other side a brand new amazing version of themselves with an assortment of positive traits they never knew they were capable of. There is no direct path to get there and that's part of the fun. We are here to give you a glimpse of what we understand which helped us get to where we are now.

At ΔPENTHē we provide elegant jewelry and classy apparel to aid you on your path. We believe we all need reminders of the divinity we carry inside ourselves. We are not here to connect you to God or Source or Spirit or the Universe, your connection is already there. Wearing anything ΔPENTHē is just a reminder that the connection you are looking for is already inside of you and all you need to do is connect.

There are so many modalities out there for healing and transformation. Additionally, there are many coaches and groups who teach those modalities. While we are very experienced in many of these modalities and have had many coaches, we have been called not to teach, but to support you in your journey. To us, that means providing items that will be your spiritual support, kind reminders, confidence boosters, . Each items will mean something different to you.

In case you were wondering...we only create products designed to attract a wealth of compliments, that's just who we are.

I fully love and accept myself for...

Everything I was

Who I am now

Who I'm willing to become

ΔPENTHē means "From Within" - because from within is where everything heals and everything transforms. Everything is possible, everything starts and everything finishes. From within is where emotions comes from and emotions are what drive the universe. From within is a reminder that you already have everything you need. From within is where forgiveness comes from, it's where empowerment comes from, it's where courage comes from, and it's where victories and triumphs really live...and that's what makes ΔPENTHē special.

ΔPENTHē is represented by the confluence of the rising woman inside the phoenix with elements of the peacock. The phoenix embodies your renewal and rebirth from your own ashes. The peacock has the essence of your inner beauty, grace, and lessons about self-love, honor, integrity and the importance of facing life’s challenges charging into the unknown with courage and confidence.

Wearing ΔPENTHē items means radiating love and compassion out to the world, living a life of bliss and equanimity, being true, authentic, and unapologetically You.

We're all in this together even when you may not believe it. We believe it, we believe in you, and we believe in the power of human connection.

We designed this piece of jewelry to embody the connection we all have to one another during the transformation you are undergoing. See how this piece of jewelry radiates faith, joy, love, and abundance...