Cameron Bailey has been an accomplished photographer for over twenty-five years, specializing in still life and botanical images. She is also a successful painter and her work has been sold across the United States.

"I suppose I am a realist in that I do try and photograph what I see, but there is usually a long, composition process involved before my images are arranged to my liking. I sometimes think of my compositions as "musical" or "lyrical", but I also never tire of the pure, classical design element found in Nature"......Cameron Bailey

Sally Carpenter studied painting and photography in Southern California, England and New Hampshire. She has been a serious and very successful photographer and painter, both in the fine art and commercial fields.

While working in England, she was awarded a distinction by the Royal Photographic Society for her outstanding black and white photography. She has shown work through or been represented by: Camelot Studios, London, UK; Dr. Ben Asher's ENT Gallery, NY. NY; Woodstock Folk Art Prints and Antiquities, Woodstock, VT; AVA Gallery, Lebanon, NH; Pegasus Gallery, Quechee, VT and Studio 225, White River Junction, VT. She has also worked with The Singh Corporation in developing and creating the artwork for their extravagant Tranquility Bay, Indigo Reef, Coral Lagoon and Parrot Key projects in Florida.

Her work has been sold widely across the United States and the United Kingdom.

"Whether painting or photographing, rather than trying to copy a particular scene or image, I try and capture an interpretation of it. This is based not only on observations, but also on emotions attached to those observations. I want to know what the subject is all about and why it projects a certain mental and visual image. Sometimes my compositions are rooted in my dreams, and in photography, the flexibility of digital imaging allows me the freedom to use my photographs as mere take off points for exciting visual journeys, that hopefully will convey some emotion to those who view them" ...Sally Carpenter

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