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Magical departures by

award winning photographer

Sally Carpenter.

"The vision for this exhibit of photographs actually stemmed

from an accident!

While photographing jellyfish at Neal's Harbor, NS, my scarf, blew off my neck and into the water. Mesmerized, I watched it for minutes as it swirled with the seaweed, skirted the jellyfish and sank deep below the surface. I took several photographs and then sought the help of a local fisherman to "hook"  the scarf and reel it out of the watery depths.

Once home and editing the jellyfish, I was again, mesmerized by the ethereal beauty of the scarf images. With the help of my assistant, and much loved sister-in-law, Lane Carpenter, we rigged a makeshift fishing pole, hooked on various scarves and pieces of fabric and went back to the harbor for a re-shoot.

It did not stop there, on our way back home, we stopped at Paschal Beach to photograph the sunset, once again adding the fabric to the sea and then throwing it to the sky.

We spent most of the summer, photographing the fabrics, visiting beaches, rivers, jettys and sand dunes. In the end there were over two thousand images I had taken and this exhibit is comprised of what I feel to be, the most emotional, exhilarating and "euphoric" of the collection."

These images are very high resolution and look amazing as metal prints or incorporated in a large wall cluster.

Please contact me should you wish to discuss the possibility of installing a large cluster arrangement, or should you be interested in larger or smaller prints than are available on this site.


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