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Friends and Family

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Sally Carpenter
in the studio

Rat Dog, Asabi and Chance

Chaneen and Lissa


Ann and Simi

Daniels Family

Gage, OK 1915

My grandparents, and my mom is somehwere on the horse!

"Puppy Stage"

Swanbourne, UK 1998

Stella, Sally, Ingrid, Lorna and Claire

Shoe shine boys

Quito, 2007

My Charity

"Fly Chris!"

Rat Dog does Christmas

Mammoth, CA 1972

Jan (Dalsanto), where are you now????

"RJ" and Lissa

Cousin Dan and Sally

PCH 2008

Chris as Chico

Sam and Sally,

Landmark Academy, 2003

Lisa's Book

Buy it, use it

Cousin Harve and Chris

Chris and Connie
Ho Ho Ho


Hey Ben and Cynthia!

This space is reserved for you,

so send me an image! (please)

Benjamin Asher, MD

Our cover girl!

Pudge and Chris

Nephew Dav


Home Sweet Home

Lane,Bob and Chance

Lissa, Sandi, Paul and Sally

LA, 2007

Sally, Lissa, Sandi at Paul's party
LA, 1973

Sandi and Lissa

Capistrano, 2008

 Cousins,Ranie and Harve

Christmas 2008

Cousins Dan and Nancy

Mud Pie! Yum!

Bonnie and Dav

Newport Beach, 2008

Lane, Patrick, Paula,

Nadine and Louise

Cape Breton , 2007

Barmy Army

New Zealand 2008

Tony, Jackie, Jackie, Paul,

Sally and Jack

New Zealand, 2008


Quaniton, UK 1995

Derrick, Matthew and



New Zealand, 2007

Henry, Bob, Terry and Fred

Cape Breton, 2008

Barry and Lissa

Sally and Lissa

Arizona, 2009





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