Apenthe.com is searching for several, personable and knowledgeable individuals to represent Sally Carpenter in the hotel, corporate office and gallery industry by selling exclusive rights to her images. This position does not require any investment on your part and you will be supplied with brochures, references, prints and low resolution CD's.

Sally has already had great success with Singh Resorts and that success has shown the market is definitely there.

We offer an exclusive rights service, where Sally will design an image to your client's requirements and they own all exclusive rights to that image. The high resolution CD of their image is printable up to size 40 X 48 inches and in some cases, larger.

This service has proven quite popular in hotel and rental environments, where, giclee prints of the exclusive images are for sale in the hotel gift shop and local galleries. A 9 X 12 inch giclee print costs about $5.00 to produce on archival, fine art paper and sells upwards of $50.00, so there is potential for profit as well as the status of having personalized art work in your client's environment.

We will also agree to make your giclee prints for you and personally sign each one, at a fraction of the retail cost. Please contact us for more information.

The cost is $500.00 usd per image and you will receive $250.00 for every exclusive image you sell. Your clients may also purchase exclusive rights to some images already in our collection.

Please contact us with a brief resume and any queries you might have regarding this position.



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